Toine Thys


As a saxophonist, Toine Thys mainly plays tenor and soprano, but he regularly adds bass clarinet to his sound repertoire. During the past few years he has paced up and down Belgian and European stages with his trio.

Toine Thys does not await the very trendy return of the Hammond B3 of nowadays, but he forms a trio with, among others, the Dutchman Arno Krijger on organ, a musician influenced by Larry Young, who plays chords on the keyboard and bass notes on the pedal board. With this trio Thys has been touring for nearly ten years, and in 2010 they recorded and released an album, The End of Certainty, which was classified as a "revelation" by the French Jazz Magazine. The drummer of the trio is none other than the young Belgian prodigy Antoine Pierre, with whom Thys released a second opus, again with Arno Krijger. Grizzly was enthusiastically received by critics and was toured extensively around Europe. The trio plays jazz with formidable energy, mixed with the deadpan humour of the leader, who always hits his mark on stage. At the moment Thys is working on a third album, this time with Karl Jannuska on drums, and with guitar player Hervé Samb and the American organ player Sam Yahel as guest musicians.

In France, Toine Thys plays in a trio formation as well, but one with organist Matthieu Marthouret as band leader and Gauthier Garrigue on the drums. Furthermore, Thys is to be found heading up a project with Egyptian oud player Ihab Radwan, named Overseas. A tireless worker and wanted by many, Toine Thys also undertakes electronic experiments on several wind instruments, a work in progress which he is developing with his group DERvISH.

Enamoured with Africa, Thys, together with his friend Laurent Blondiau, has set up a project with great human value in Burkina Faso: Les Ventistes du Faso. During regular trips to Burkina Faso, Thys and Blondiau started a music school and a small local orchestra, thanks to instruments imported from Europe and with the help of a local instrument maker who repairs them, and especially the financial support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International.

Contact information

Toine Thys / Céline t'Sas
+32 479 73 95 71

Jean-Pierre Goffin

Jean-Pierre Goffin (1953) has been writing jazz cronicles, interviews and concert reviews for the magazine L'Avenir for more than 20 years already. He also writes for several websites and magazine LARSEN

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