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'Black Rainbow' is the rather apt title of his group’s first album, one which strongly resembles Lorenzo Di Maio himself as an artist. A talented guitarist and thoroughbred composer who never pushes himself to the front of the stage, his music is both black and rainbow-coloured. The general ambiance is quite melancholic, but it has dazzling flashes that takes the listener to the lighter side of music.

At 31 years, Lorenzo Di Maio already has an illustrious career behind him. He has taken part in many different projects, which shows the esteem in which he is held by the jazz world: Sal La Rocca Band, Fabrice Alleman New Quartet, Boris Schmidt Band, Elvin Galland Quartet, Laurent Doumont & The Soul Counsellors, Chrystel Wautier, 4 in 1, Jacques Pirotton Quartet, etc. He is a guitarist who is in demand by many: Nicolas Kummert, Lionel Beuvens, Jean-Paul Estiévenart, Phil Abraham, Carlo Nardozza, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse…

In his group, which he calls Black Rainbow from the name of his album, he composes everything, but he leaves others room to express themselves. And in concert, he listens to his fellow musicians as much as he demonstrates his talent as a guitarist. In the recordings, he has his compositions played but leaves the others enough space to express themselves. “For this album,” he says, “I wanted to write everything myself, I had material. And so I arrived with my sheet music, pieces that were more or less complete and in any case with defined structures and an atmosphere that was clear to me. But I don’t close anything: there is room for friends to express themselves. I wanted a repertoire with a distinctive sound and atmosphere so that everyone could take ownership of the music.”

It’s a jazz group: each person comes with their personality and their suggestions, there is room for improvisation. “It’s jazz,” specifies the guitarist, “but the repertoire came from different influences, in particular Bill Frisell and Brian Blade. In this group, the music is very atmospheric.

On Black Rainbow there is a soft and sumptuous sound that is precise and evident without affectation or overloading. There are perfect melodies that come naturally. There is freedom and the guitarist’s associates happily take advantage. Above all there is total cohesion. And Lorenzo Di Maio is remarkable at bringing it all together: thanks to him, the quintet is in perfect symbiosis. With Lorenzo Di Maio, Nicola Andrioli, Jean-Paul Estiévenart, Cédric Raymond and Antoine Pierre, whose ages spread from 23 to 37, this group is a natural player on the Belgian scene.

But Lorenzo Di Maio is not only the leader of this group. He is an accomplished musician who fits in perfectly with the music of others, lending his vision, his ability to listen and his power of improvisation to a myriad of other projects. In everything he plays, Lorenzo is able to bring his own unique lyricism, phrasing, sound and personality to the table.

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Lorenzo Di Maio
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