Félix Zurstrassen


Félix Zurstrassen plays the double and electric bass. The 2017 ‘young talent’ winner of the ‘SABAM Award’, he is one of the rising stars of the Belgian jazz scene alongside Igor Géhénot, Antoine Pierre, Guillaume Vierset, Lorenzo di Maio and Jean-Paul Estiévenart. With Pirly Zurstrassen as his father, one of the most original jazz pianists in the Belgian sphere, Félix began devoting himself to jazz in his teens, spending entire evenings improvising, working on bass lines and just playing in a rich and fostering paternal setting. His father introduced him to Jaco Pastorius, Hiram Bullock and John Scofield before listening to Aka Moon and its bassist Michel Hatzigeorgiou. For Félix, Jaco and Michel would become icons. For the double bass, Félix Zurstrassen turned to the Conservatory for lessons from Jean-Louis Rassinfosse and Christophe Wallemme. Years of devoted study to both the upright and electric bass have lead to a performer whose work maturely focuses on the simplification and effectiveness of the bassist’s role.

The young talents mentioned above all come together in the ‘Lg Jazz Collective’, whose repertoire is first and foremost dedicated to Liège composers, both old and recent: Bobby Jaspar, René Thomas, Nathalie Loriers, Eric Legnini, Alain Pierre as well as André Grétry. But it’s above all in a trio that one most often finds Félix Zurstrassen: with the pianists David Thomaere and Pierre de Surgères, or with the guitarist Alain Pierre.

Very much in demand on the Belgian scene, Félix Zurstrassen has not yet recorded an individual album. A project has however been well on its way since his meeting with Nelson Veras, a musician with whom Félix immediately felt an affinity. Félix heard the Brazilian guitarist with Aka Moon, then with Stéphane Galland and Magic Malik, and also on his solo album. Félix very quickly felt that the guitarist could bring his compositions to life without limits. The freedom and space allowed in a trio seemed like a suitable formula. Ten concerts are already scheduled in Belgium in 2018 to break in the music, enable discussion and talk about the repertoire before the recording. Félix Zurstrassen is definitely the type of musician who prepares things with consideration and maturity.

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Félix Zurstrassen
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Jean-Pierre Goffin

Jean-Pierre Goffin (1953) has been writing jazz cronicles, interviews and concert reviews for the magazine L'Avenir for more than 20 years already. He also writes for several websites and magazine LARSEN

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