Aka Moon


The year 1992: Fabrizio Cassol, Michel Hatzigeorgiou, Stéphane Galland, Antoine Prawerman and Baudoin de Jaer return from central Africa, where they have been staying with the Aka pygmy tribe. A few months later, the first three of them forms a trio with saxophone, electric bass and drums, and releases the album "Aka Moon". Immediately after, a recording of Aka Moon music is released, accompanied by a booklet written by Fabrizio Cassol: "(With the Aka tribe) musical form does not exist as a "dramatic process", but as something in itself which does not need to be developed. However, everything can suddenly change; men, women and children may in turn be "leaders" and "travel" into their inexhaustible repertoire in which, as every individual is by nature fundamentally different from the others, they owe it to themselves to make their own way into polyphony". This is the essence of Aka Moon: human relations, instinct, sharing, goosebumps... and a staggering mastery of music, shaped by months and months of playing at the "Kaai" in Brussels.

Aka Moon has rubbed shoulders with musicians from all over the world: Silvaraman from India, and Baba Sissoko and Doudou N’diaye Rose from Africa, not to mention Tcha Limberger and Nedyalko Nedyalkov from the Balkans, Amir El Saffar from North Africa, and Misirli Ahmet from Turkey.

The band has also performed with some of Europe and America’s most adventurous musicians: Marc Ducret, Benoît Delbecq, Geoffroy de Masure, Magic Malik, Robin Eubanks, David Gilmore, David Linx… and not forgetting Pierre van Dormael, who was the companion of Cassol, Hatzi and Galland in the first "Nasa Na" experimentations.

The individual musical experiences of the three members of Aka Moon feed their personal growth, but also bring a multitude of small touches to Aka Moon: Stéphane Galland also plays with Joe Zawinul, Ibrahim Maalouf and Axelle Red, different worlds which, each in their own way, provide different sources of inspiration. Fabrizio Cassol's passion for classical music has lead him to form projects around the works of Monteverdi, Bach and Mozart. He also inventively transposed Scarlatti's sonatas into one of Aka Moon's latest opuses, The Scarlatti Book, which received an Octave Award for best jazz CD in 2015. 

These three musicians have, for the last 25 years, built their career by creating their own musical language around a common project made up of musical and especially human encounters, a rare and even unique experience which Fabrizio explains as follows: "Like me, Michel and Stéphane have an artistic vision: they may be mere musicians, but they are also great artists; their potential is that of creation, complete awareness. Every time I write a new composition, they become passionately involved in it. When I am feeling uneasy, they are there to make the music stronger. When I do not think that it is good, they are there to defend the music; there is always input from them. It is something very important to the group, as this is what has been holding everything together from the beginning". 

In January 2018, the legendary jazz trio released ‘NOW’ (Outhere Music), which was lauded by the (inter)national crowd and press.

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Jean-Pierre Goffin

Jean-Pierre Goffin (1953) has been writing jazz cronicles, interviews and concert reviews for the magazine L'Avenir for more than 20 years already. He also writes for several websites and magazine LARSEN

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